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Facilitate Business Development Activities 

The CRC will endeavour to source facilitators and trainers to come to Beacon for training workshops on how to further develop and improve your business.

Referral to Business Development and Employment Support

If you need help or need any advice on running your business or finding employment/employer then we can point you in the right direction.

Marketing Support 

We can help promote and advertise your business through a number of services we offer. We can even provide you with personalised invoice books and labels to ensure your business is looking as professional as possible.


Department of Human Services Access Point 

Provide free self-help access to Centrelink and Medicare with use of their telephone and fax machine. Staff at Beacon Central can also sight and photocopy proof of identity documents for the Department of Human Services only. Our Access Point is sectioned off so people can have the privacy they need. There is a free phone, fax/copier and a computer that is linked directly to the Department of Human Services. 

Government Information 

Obtain free access to all government websites including free printing services. We also have various brochures and information that may answer any questions you may have.

Public Library 

The library is free to become a member and you can point all of your questions and comments on your favourite books to our librarian who comes in once a week. The library is also where you can find the latest information from our Mt Marshall Shire Offices.


Facilitate Social Development Activities

​The CRC will endeavour to source facilitators and trainers to come to Beacon for workshops on how to improve your social skills and give you the chance to interact and network with other people that you wouldn’t normally do this with.

Referral to Social Support Network Services

If you need help or need any advice on issues from around the home such as depression, illness or problems with drugs/alcohol then we can point you in the right direction.

Volunteer Support

Supporting our community’s volunteers with governance procedures, information sessions, promotional material. We also host events to attract more volunteers and thank our current volunteers.

Home Care Service in Beacon and Surrounds 

Home Care Packages are specifically designed to provide assistance to seniors for activities of everyday living in the comfort of their own homes. Whether you’re a full pensioner, semi pensioner, or self funded retiree, you are eligible to go on a Home Care Package and receive help at home.

    • Home Services are available to those on Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4.
    • Help with navigating through My Aged Care.
    • Locally managed to ensure funds stay within the community. 
    • Locals helping locals.
Staying in Place

Visitor Information Centre

We have a wide selection of brochures and knowledge for tourists travelling through and are always happy to help answer any tricky questions. We also have an extensive Herbarium on the local flora.

Wildflower Bus Tours

During the Wildflower Season Bus Tours can be booked online.

General Office Needs

Printing, photocopying, binding, laminating, faxing, internet use and any other general office needs are right at your fingertips. Please see the latest price list for individual costs. We also have a small stationery supply for sale of items such as pens, notebooks and files. If there is anything we don’t have, please let us know as we can probably get it ordered in for you.​

Free WiFi For Everyone

Ask for password

Beacon Museum

The Beacon Museum is situated within the Beacon Central building.  Items of historical interest once used 100 years ago in our farming and home lives include an animal skin rug, sewing machine, lamps, ladies clothes, hats, jewellery and cosmetics. There is also a cabinet of early childhood pastimes including clothing, books and games. The most recent acquisition is a life size mannequin in the model of one of Beacon’s early and most memorable personalities.   In contrast to those early years there is a 1970’s display of clunky shoes, ashtrays, Tupperware toys, and a fondue set amidst LP records and cassettes to bring back memories.


Venue Hire

We have 4 venues which can be used for both small and large scale events. CWA House, Jenni Bunce Conference Room, Beacon Town Hall and Beacon Sporting Complex. Please give us a call if you would like to hire any of these.

Hire of Equipment

We have laptops, camera, inflatable movie screen, coffee machine, wine barrels, cable tables, stools, tressle tables, plastic chairs, portable camp cooktops, bento style stainless steel dinner plates and pots all for hire.

Booking Agent

 If you are trying to organize a large event and don’t need the added stress of selling tickets or taking numbers then we can do that for you.

Hall Hire


Conference Room

CWA House

Beacon Town Hall

Public Library

The library is free to become a member and you can point all of your questions and comments on your favourite books to our librarian who comes in once a week. The library is also where you can find the latest information from our Shire Offices.

Kodak Print Place

Print your special memories with ease. You can use your smart phone to download the Kodak Memories app and send your photos for print wirelessly. The app is free and a standard 6×4 print is only 30 cents. If you don’t have a smart phone then don’t worry because the Print Place will also accept USB thumbdrives and SD cards.

Beacon Toy Library

Toy Library – Click here to view catalogue and calendar for Beacon Toy Library. If you are a member, you can log in and nominate a date for your next volunteering session as well as check or renew toys you have on loan.

Close the Loop

Close the Loop have given us a box to recycle your empty ink cartridges and toners. Throw them in our bin and they will get turned into pens, rulers and even road surfaces!

Key Cutting

We make it quick and easy to make a copy of keys that you may need. Key tags and coloured keys also available.

Exam Supervision

Murdoch University allow us to provide exam supervision for those students who are home during exam time.

Kodak Print Place


Toy Library

Recycle Cartridges


Key Cutting

Exam Supervision

Sale of Giftware

We stock a range of different products throughout the year such homewares items, locally made candles and Beacon souvenirs.


Beacon Bulletin Printing

Once a week, during the school terms, we print and distribute the local newspaper.


The Beacon calendar is sponsored by local businesses and has photographs of the Beacon area all of which are taken by Beacon residents. This is produced every year and thanks to the sponsoring businesses, each local family gets a copy for free. Extra copies are only $5

Telephone & Address Directory

We print and update this once a year so if you change your details then please make sure you let us know so we can update the phone book.

Breast Feeding Friendly Venue

Stuck in town or travelling through Beacon with a hungry baby? We welcome you inside to nurse your baby in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Social Media

Join us on Facebook for the latest information on upcoming workshops and events.

Beacon Bulletin

3d graphic events calendar


Phone Directory

returns and refunds

Beacon Herbarium

Beacon Native Plant Herbarium Curator: Marian Kirby 
Phone: (08) 9686 4023

Herbarium collection display situated at Beacon Central, 11 Rowlands St, Beacon. Contact the Centre on (08) 9686 1014 or Marian Kirby for viewing of collection.

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